Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Memories

Easter in Alaska looks like this.....
Hiding eggs outside isn't a good idea.  Small people bundled up in their snow gear, holding baskets in one hand and attempting to pick up eggs with a small hand encased in slick-ery mittens usually leads to tears and a grumpy family.  TH would distract the boys with something, so I could hide the eggs in the house.  Then he would look out the window casually, then leap up and shout, "There goes the Easter Bunny!"  The kids would storm to the window only to be disappointed that yet again they missed seeing him.

Third son was looking quite thoughtfully at his jelly beans, giving them a very cautious poke with one finger, he must have been around 4-ish.  After being hunkered for quite a long while, he finally gave up puzzling it out on his own and asked, "What kind of poop is this?"

jelly beans

moose poop

Causing the eldest to shout, "It's EASTER BUNNY POOP!!!!" 

"Oh!" said third son, who began to dig right into his jelly beans.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Amazing the resemblance, isn't it?
    Good times!
    Peace <3

  2. "What kind of poop is this?"

    Sean R.

  3. Lol, Easter bunny poop. XD