Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And then there were four

Monday evening found me driving to an unfamiliar library for my first adventure in Table Talk.  Was I nervous you ask?  Well, lets see, first off I forgot my sheaf of sign in sheets, back to George.  Then I forgot my volunteer ID badge lanyard, back to George.  Ok, do I need anything else....think.....think.....dont think so......lets get this party started.

Opening the door into the library, the first person I saw was the very same woman I had issues with when I was replacing RIFD tags at "my" library.  Hoping upon hope that she didnt remember me, I walked up to her desk and told her I was there to facilitate Table Talk, and she just stood there looking at me.  Now I dont know what this person's malfunction in life is, but lordy something large and nasty must have crawled into her years ago for her to be this mean spirited.  I'm hoping she isnt going to be a problem.  Could this be the reason that Table Talk in this location keeps going thru facilitators?

After I besting the dragon at the gate, I wrote "Hello, my name is Bobbie" and pulled some chairs around to make the computer lab more user friendly for chatting.  I hear a squeak at the door, and who should walk in???  The adorable Korean girl from the class I sat in on!  Then a lady from Afghanistan, who was funny and very very chatty.  A few minutes later a lady came in from Mexico who was at the last class as well!  Coolness, indeed.  Quite late into the 1.5 hour period, a sweet, very shy lady from China came in. It was hard to get her to talk.  Not really sure she will come back, as the Afghanistan lady tended to hog the conversation.  Note to self, drive the conversation in such a way as to make sure everyone has a chance to talk.

Its all a blur to me now, but at one point we stumbled onto talking about me being very pale skinned, and me trying to explain how easily I burn in the sun.  Groping for words to enrich their vocabulary, I just gave up and said "delicate", which raised a fire store of interest.  After explaining all the meanings that I could think of, I finally wound down with explaining that we also use that word for ladies underwear, slips and the like.  Still flailing about I finally asked them if they noticed it on the washer cycles.  They all had and wondered what it meant!  So, not only did they learn a new word, but increased their washer knowledge as well.  lol lol lol

At the end of the class they all told me they had a great time, and will be back!  Yay!!!!  They were all fun, and had interesting stories, well except for the Chinese lady, she was basically an observer rather than a participant, and it wasnt due to her language skills, she was pretty good but just shy, I hope....

Now I'm off to find an amulet to keep me safe from the dragon.


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  2. Sounds like fun!

    On an odd note, I somehow managed to misread near the end that, "the Chinese lady . . . was basically an eggplant."


  3. Congrats.
    Glad it went so well.
    Perhaps throwing the dragon into a washing machine, on hot, HOT, might do her a world of good.
    Maybe she'll come out 'delicate'.

  4. Glad everything went well. Next time bring Dennis Quaid with you. He was really good in Dragonheart!

  5. Very awesome! So glad it went well after slaying the dragon! That's really wonderful, you pale skinned person. (Just joking there!)

    Peace <3