Friday, February 8, 2013

Biki Quixote

On January 10, 2013 George, my Chevy Sonic, had been mine for 90 days.  Yup, thats right, 90 long days.  Now George has been feeling a bit self conscience of late.  Why is he feeling this way?  Because he is still wearing his temporary paper plates.   

Here's the deal, George was bought in Arizona, but an Alaskan bank paid for him.  Understandably they wanted him licensed in Alaska, ok no worries as I plan to live there part time.  A month passed and no plates, I called TH and asked him shouldn't I have received them yet?  TH thought it was to early yet.  The next month TH and I again have this conversation, and it was shoved to the back burner.  December rolls around and now TH is getting worried as well, so he heads off to the bank to see what the story is.  He is told quite rudely that they have no control over the DMV and the loan manager gets up, opens the door and ushers him out.  Needless to say, TH is thundering mad. 

A few days later, I receive a call from the bank demanding that I send them the original paperwork.  A quick back and forth with the person on the phone, didnt illuminate what was the originals they wanted.  In a huff the lady hung up on me!  Now tis my turn to be incandescently furious.

TH and I devised a battle plan, he would go in each week and talk to someone at the bank, and I would call and hopefully we could get some "movement" on this constipated issue.  This continues, until I am about ready to fly up there and way waste to this bank!  I make a call, and am NOT friendly, not rude, but very cold to her.  She did some computer researching and found that they didnt have the title and thats the hold up, but that they were going to send for it.  Sigh....this didnt occur to them before this?  Really?

Today I head over to the dealership where George lived, and talked to a very nice lady in the titling section,  Lucy, and due to her hard work, discovered the hold up.  Arizona's DMV is all digital, and Alaska is still using paper titles.  The title company assured Lucy that they transmitted the title to the bank, had the proper name and address, I totally believe them.  They finally requested a paper title the 24th of January!!!  Ok, ok, ok..... is it possible to renew my temporary plates?  No, due to the fact it's being titled outside the state, they cant renew them.

I head home, wait for the bank to open and called the bank asking for the title department, and was shunted to the menu to retrieve a balance enquiry!!!  Angrily I hang up and this time when I get the same stupid twit, I ask to speak to the bank manager.  He did some digging around, agreed that I had every reason to be upset, and is sending me temporary plates Fedex. 

Finally there is an end in sight for my quest for license plates!


  1. Oh my God. That's almost as crazy as my legal situation.

  2. I needed a good laugh this morning!
    What an ordeal. Hopefully you won't get stopped and ticketed for expired plates.

    When I moved to SC, I had to surrender my VA drivers license to the SC DMV to get a license there. So I did, and was promptly issued a new SC license. 27 months later, when I cam e back to VA, I went to get a license and was told I already had an expired one, but couldn't renew it because it was outside the grace period and therefore I'd have to take the tests all over again! I explained (and showed them) my SC license and that I'd surrendered the VA license at the time it was issued. 45 minutes later, I got a new VA license. Seems they had to call SC DMV and get confirmation that I'd turned in the license. I swear I think DMVs in general are the worst of the worst in government bureaucracy.

    Peace <3

  3. Wow, that sucks. I hate dealing with companies and people like that, it makes me so furious too!!