Friday, January 18, 2013


Hey y'all, tis been crazy busy busy of late.  My phone's calendar went from virtually empty to stuffed full, leaving me when I finally drag thru the door exhausted and only wanting to watch tv or read.  I'm so not complaining however, its super nice to be out and about for more than shopping for food or yarn.

I volunteer at the local library several days a week, but these last 10 days have been on hyper drive as their annual book sale has been in full swing.  Increased hours is one effect, however due to the fact that I'm around 20-ish years younger than the average volunteer, I do get a lot of the grunt work of moving heavy boxes and whatnot.  Not complaining, just saying.

The beer and book club meet this week, at a much quieter location.  Noisy enough not to feel constrained, but quiet enough that we didnt have to shout to our neighbor to make ourselves heard, which is not really conductive for talking about books.  One funny thing that happened at the meeting is that the one person who lobbied hard for reading Ender's Game didnt finish the book, thought it was "spoon fed tripe".  Which most of us found weird, but out of the 20+ people in the group he is really the odd duck. This time we have picked World War Z, which has been turned into a movie, as has Ender's Game.  It was the joke of the evening that we can only read books that are going to be movies.

As the meeting started winding down, the bar began a trivia game, there were only 5 of us left and we were having fun answering the questions for the first 3 rounds.  And then we were 3, and we decided what the heck, lets play too!  Yeah, we came in at last place, but scored above some teams that had played from the get go!  The up shot is, this coming Tuesday will find me at the bar again with my two new buddies playing trivia.

There were two other groups playing trivia in the back room where we were, and one group was having a good time chatting with us.  Lots of good natured bantering back and forth, the other table was more into smack talk, but then they didnt do so well either, and as the night went on, they got more surly until they gave up and just started having fun.  The "leader" of the fun group told me if my two new buddies dont show up next week, sit with them!  Sure they want me for my trivia stuffed brain, but who knows they might become friends as well.

Still knitting like a crazed person on future daughter-in-law's sweater.  Its a fun knit, and I have the lace pattern memorized now, which makes the knitting much faster.  Two sleeves down, the back about 1/3 done.  Next up, the two front pieces and the front edging.  w00t!!!  When my brain is to tired to do lace work, I work on my much simpler sweater, no thinking involved, just plain stockinette work.

Ok, off to a doctor's appointment, catch y'all later!


  1. Glad you're out and about and having such a fun time.
    Trivia!! Love it! My brain is filled with what my Dad calls "superfluous data"!

  2. Wow! Look who's been the social butterfly lately? I'm glad you're having a great time.

  3. So very cool! Great post! Now I know why I haven't seen you on chat! SOOOOO HAPPY you're having a good time, and doing well, and life sure does seem grand.

    I've been busy this week, too, for sure...more later, cause it's also good news!

    Peace <3

  4. Glad that everything sounds like it's been going well!!

    A book I recently finished that I think you'd really enjoy is "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell. Yes, it's another book that was turned into a movie, but it's a really good book nonetheless!