Sunday, December 9, 2012

The First Week

Last Friday, I had a brief orientation with "Ben" who is in charge of the volunteers for circulation services at the library.  Then after a few times of me following his motions he took off telling me that he'd be back in a few minutes, leaving me alone with the radio tagging machine.  Things went smoothly, and until the end of the year when all the books in the library are tagged, this will be my job 3 days a week.  What needs to be done, is that every book, audio book, cd, dvd needs to be removed from its home on the shelf and checked to see what radio tag already is attached to the material, if its an old one, then the bar code is scanned prompting a green light to blink of the blue gizmo, changing its frequency to that of the bar code of the material.  The tag is pulled off the tape, attached to the inside of the item, and replaced home.  Repeat until library is done!  To most it would sound boring, but for some stupid reason, I adore doing tasks like this.  Happy as a pig in mud.

                                     Here is Mr. Machine in all his glory.

The other two days a week of "work" at the library are less enjoyable.  I work 3 hour shifts in the snack/gift shop ran by the Friends of the Library.  There are 3 full time employees and the rest of the time if filled out with volunteers.  At first the cash register was a total fear factor experience, but with practice the fear is receding.  However......sigh, tis way beyond boring most of the time.  I dusted thoroughly my first day, taking gift items off the shelves and dusting the shelf and the items, then replacing everything nice and neat, straightened up the used books for sale, then loads of nothing to do again.  The next day was even worse, as nothing needed dusting or straightening up, except for ringing stuff up on the register, there was nothing to do.

The ladies I worked with both days are nice an all, but there is a huge drawback, hugs.  No matter what the fresh hells I do, it prompts a hug from them!  Oh! Welcome to work today!  HUG   Great job ringing up that sale! HUG  sigh  I dont mind being hugged, but they are way to touchy feely for me, and just having met them, its way to soon for me to want to be hugged.  Hugs to me are very personal, and an expression of affection, not some social "grease" that most women seem to view hugs.

Its been a while since I worked with an entirely female staff, I forgot all the back biting, the current of frisson running hidden from casual view that occurs.  On the surface tis all smiles and friendliness, only to have a sharp comment leveled at the other woman's back as she leaves.  Eventually, I'll be asked to take sides, an unhappy thought indeed.

Not going to bail on the snack/gift shop as of yet, but if things dont improve in the next few weeks, I'm going to go to the lady in charge of all the volunteers and request to be moved to a new area.  She told all of us at the orientation meeting that it might take a few departments to find a good fit, and it looks like the snack/gift shop might not be mine.


  1. I'm thrilled things are going so well for you there! The new job sounds wonderful, and it's great that you like almost all of it. I understand about the hugging. I'm sort of the same way. There's a person in a club I'm in that insists on touching my hair every time she sees me. And it drives me crazy. I've asked her to stop, and it does no good. So I avoid her as much as possible. Ugh.

    Anyway, KUDOS to you for following through, and getting started!

    Peace <3

  2. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying at least one of your new jobs, and I hope that the other one improves.

    I can understand you thing about hugging, I have to be comfortable and know the person before I feel good with them hugging me, although I have gotten more used to it because I do have some friends that like to hug hello and good by, it is something that I have gotten more used to. But I don't think I would like it at all if it was my coworkers doing it that would just be awkward.

  3. Sounds all well and good, but I am with you on the hugs.

  4. Hugs are cool once in awhile, but these ladies are overdoing it.

    I'm glad you're doing well with this opportunity!

  5. Hi Biki,
    Some catchup comments: I love curry too. Indian first, then Jap, but Thai also. I once had Indian cooking classes given to me as a gift; I loved them. I hit the Indian/asian store often to get spices. Those blocks are nice to use once in a while, but mixing your own roux is best!

    See if your co-workers would hug you with curry breath! JK It is good that they will let you try different areas there, but I guess the hugging is everywhere. Glad you are keeping busy and enjoying things.