Sunday, November 11, 2012

Break Me, Shake Me (Down No more)

As y'all know, I'm not a huge watcher of tv.  Oh, I have my must watch shows, Mythbusters, any and all Project Runways, Futurama's, Bob's Burgers, Robot Chicken, Modern Family, Suburgatory.  However, I have been known to go a week without turning the tv on, especially if I'm in a reading phase and not a knitting phase.  I knit to tv, it keeps me focused on both.  Yes, yes, I do have the attention span at times of a 4 year old, thanks for pointing that out.

A week ago my cable/internet bill came.  Oh my!  $138.00 for both?  How much of that was the tv?  Looking, pulling out phone to add up the list of items.....78$!!!  Holy Hannah on Crack!

This will not do.  Not do at all.

I looked up Netflicks, and Hulu Prime.  Hmm, Hulu has way way way more tv content, AND movies. They were offering a free week trial, ok lets try that!  The next day I woke up feeling like no dont feel sorry for me, twas my own damned fault, I ate some egg rolls that had chicken in them, and I'm allergic to chicken. Stupid, stupid me.  Sigh... So, it was the perfect day to sit and knit and watch tv.

Does any one remember The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show?  They have it!  Watched an episode of Modern Family I missed this season.  A fantastic movie, "An Ordinary Family".  Tracy Takes on... and many others.  All for the low low price of $7.99!

The only down side to this arrangement is that I  cant figure out how to watch the NFL, but without TH to watch it with me, its just not as fun.

Today, the DVR went for a ride in George and was returned to the cable store.  And now I have an entire 70$ more a month to spend on books!  Yarn!

I've broken the chains binding me to cable, and couldnt be happier!


  1. You got off light. I had to look at my cable bill (the $198 one) and I spent $77.24 for the enhanced service I cannot live without, $25 for HBO and Skinemax, and another $18 for the DVR service and rental.

    I may end up keeping HBO and Cinemax after all. I asked myself if I could live without Game Of Thrones when it comes back on and my answer was, "Um, well...."

    Yep, you know it's not going anywhere if the NHL cancels the entire season.

  2. I loves my ATT U-Verse.

    They'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands ..... ?

  3. Biki -

    Just download all your favourite shows. It is what I do. I don't watch conventional television that much and I go through reading phases.

  4. I loves my DVR. Don't think I could live without it ;-) HAHAHAHA

    But you're right, you pay way too much for way too little. People for years have been screaming for ala carte cable: pick and choose the channels you want, and pay only for them! But who knows, the cable companies would find a way to make that too expensive.

    Peace <3