Saturday, January 22, 2011

Second day

What to say about yesterday? The entire day was filled with running from workshop to workshop, and I missed one I was looking forward to. I met a therapist who was talking to me about if I should come out to the children or not, due to my desire to live a life in the middle, androgyny "r" I.

What I learned from from her is that transgender people are helped by therapists who specialize in PTSD. Which I found rather odd, until she explained it. Growing up never able to trust your instincts, always feeling off kilter from others, causes built up stress, starting from the time we are very young.

I found that the age I began to know me as a boy, around 5, is the most common age of awakening.



For the first time in my life I've done something in the normal column of life. Let me tell you, that felt mega cool to be one of the herd.

Everyone running the conference, the workshops, and the people I have met and chatted with have without fail been wonderful.

And yesterday at a workshop I was lucky enough to meet Jamison Green! His book literally changed my life. I told him so, and thanked him. So that was a totally a Wayne's World moment for me.

Today all the F2M workshops are being held. With a luncheon by none other than Jamison Green. So this should be an interesting day to say the least.

Unless something occurs between this year and next, I will be back!


  1. You've definitely hit gold there, haven't you. It must be an amazing feeling, not having to hide, to belong. I'm honestly happy for you!


  2. Let the good times roll! This is great to hear, and there's no doubt this will be a life-changing weekend for you, Biki!
    Peace <3

  3. Isn't it great to have finally found your people! I am so happy for you.

  4. I was telling Carlos your story over breakfast this morning, and was telling him about this conference.
    I'm so glad it's turned out so well.

  5. Glad you are having fun
    Take Care

  6. So so glad that it's going well. But I knew it would!

    Enjoy and keep us posted!!