Saturday, January 8, 2011

Decision Made!

Ok, so the whole what I should wear to the dance was wearing me out!  Finally, I just decided to have fun with it all, and dress how I want to.  So, even though the decades for the dance officially end at '80s, always being someone who enjoys pushing things a bit, am going as a heavy metal rocker.  And my look is rather more '90s than 80's but hey what are they going to do, toss me out?

So, here is bits and pieces of my look for the dance.

My shirt!

My tattoo sleeves.  

My earrings, second, or upper piercing, yes on my ears!
Lower piercing earrings, and yeah still on the ears.

So, add jeans and my trusty skull trainers, my new avatar, and thats my rocker outfit.  


  1. YOWSA BIKI!!!!
    Totally awesome!!!!
    And I feel privileged to be in on the "early debut" of the rockin' Biki!

    Peace <3

  2. You are going to look totally bad ass!!!


  3. Brilliant! That will be stunning, no doubt about it!!
    And I like the idea of sort of going outside the concept and do your own thing of it :D

    Have fun!


  4. Nice!

    I hope the back of the shirt says something like "GRILLED!"


    As the saying goes: pics or it didn't happen!

  5. Hope you've been practicing your dance style to match the outfit!

  6. Should I worry about you talking rock and roll style now when we are on IM :P
    Glad you like it take care,