Monday, January 19, 2015

Home Run!

As someone who grew up with biscuits or cornbread at nearly every single supper, going without has been tough.  After a while, I finally gave up on biscuits but kept dogging for a cornbread that tasted like corn bread, and didnt go weird tasting within 24 hours.

Thanks to the wonderous product The Vegg I have finally climbed the hill that was Mount Impossible and turned out some kick ass corn bread!!! 

Finding 'store bought' crackers that I'm able to eat is nearly impossible.  One of the brands that I thought was safe, has turned out not to be, sigh.  So, today I made my first batch of crackers!  They are a wee bit to salty, and if they are not evenly rolled out the thinner ones burn before the thicker ones are done.  They are seriously tasty, and will work on perfecting them! 

See?  Don't they look good?  Imagine a cross between a Ritz cracker and pie dough baked blind. crispy, crunchy and just a tad buttery. 
Oh, and yeah, the quest for biscuits hasn't ended, I just had to give it a break due to sorta loosing my temper when ever they would turn out like lead weights and hard as a rock.  I used to crank out biscuits by the pan full, light and fluffy, sigh. 

Ok, ok that was a mite over the top, but hey!  Give a guy a break, I have moments of being dramatic!


  1. I like that the crackers almost look like fancy chips. Good job!

  2. Cornbread! lord, I love cornbread!

    And just this past weekend I learned how to make crackers from the one and only Miss Martha Stewart.

    Yours look like some she made.

  3. I love good cornbread, but cannot make it to save my neck. So I settle for mixes - Jiffy seems good!

    I have also never made crackers. That could be interesting.

    And yes, even us guys can be dramatic once in a while, thank you very much.

    Fun post! Thanks!

    Peace <3