Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Precipice :

How Racism, Self-Indulgence and the Right's Culture War is Driving the World to the Brink

Congress hasn't passed a full budget since President Obama was elected in 2009.  It has been a cobbled together mish-mash of various bills to keep the lights on.  Even after massive gerrymandering, writing voting laws that disenfranchise primarily Democrats the Republicans still couldn't manage to wrestle control of the White House out of the hands of the Democrats, but out of a black man hands at that. 

The "birther" noise was nothing more than racism, plain and simple.  The racial divide in our country is shrinking, I think at this point more Americans are color blind than those that aren't.  Yes, there is still a huge swath of the south that is mired in racism, hatred of Blacks, Asians, Latinos and Arabs and Native Americans.  That is the correlation point of why those states are the poorest, rate lowest in education and highest in underage mothers, at least that's my opinion.  While white southerns sit and blame the lack of financial resources on the "War Between the States", it's hatred of all things not white that holds them back both financially and socially.

 While 88% of Romney's votes were from whites, 56% of the President's votes were from whites, showing that a great proportion of white voters didn't see a black man, but a man who had great leadership possibilities.  Shocked that a black man won, the right-wing lost no time in attempting to smear the President with the label of Muslim, as somehow that makes a difference?  The time is coming when we will elect a person into the Oval Office who isn't a Christian, and its none to soon for me.  

Nothing is more mean spirited than a cheater who doesn't win.  Yelling loudly that President Obama doesn't have a popular mandate, hoping that most American's won't realize that 51% of the vote is a mandate, and a two time mandate winner at that.  After the election, Republican's gathered for a post mortem in shock and dismay.  How could their whiter than white candidate have lost?  He is the poster boy for all things right wing!  No abortions!  No equal marriage!  No health care, unless you deserve it!  No safety net!  The list of things that most civilized countries believe aren't hand outs, but plain and simple human rights. 

Since they couldn't cheat their way to a win, they have done nothing since the election for the country's well being.  Unless you count trying different ways to vote down the ACA, and restrict abortion rights as being good for our country.  They haven't passed a single solitary job bill, even after listening to voters at Town Hall meetings decry the lack of jobs that offer a livable wage.  I grew up poor and minimum wage was unlivable on then, its even more so now.   All they have done is whine and cry and attempt to thwart the President at each and every turn, which has awarded Congress with a 10% approval rating!  Go Republicans, You Rock!

In attempting to keep the extreme far right happy,  Republicans have embarked on a massive culture war against GLBT'S,  women's rights, and any religion that isn't Christian, and in doing so are painting themselves into a corner with no viable way out.  The culture warriors rail against GLBT folk, loudly as the rest of America is drifting into the belief that marriage is a civil right, not a gift bestowed only upon certain citizens.  While Americans as a whole are not long term attentive  listeners to political rhetoric, we seem to be tuning them out more and more often as they make less and less sense.  I've read remarks about Hinduism and Buddhism being called new age religions.  Wow guys, have you ever read a history book?  Attacking science because it doesn't line up with recent religious doctrine, has led to an extreme dumbing down of our students.  Only 15% of Americans believe in "Godless" evolution!  A full 46% of Americans believe in Creationism, how one earth did we sink to this level of not understanding basic science? 

While their posturing to the right wing press, and pandering to the tea party only affected our country is indefensible enough, now fear of America's shut down is leaching around the world, leaving the door wide open for our favorite foes to fill the power gap, Russia and China.  These uncertainty quakes are beginning to open small fissures in both the financial markets and from a defense stand point for countries we defend, Japan, South Korea and Israel, among others.  Is that what this current crop of Republicans want is for Russia and China to become world powerhouses without any brake to hold them back?  If the Republican party doesn't pull their head out of their collected asses soon, we could see a world wide depression that could spark yet another world war.   Rumblings in Greece are remarkably similar to Germany in the 1930's  both due to extreme financial hardship.  Golden Dawn is hampering the government of Greece and at the last report I read, have possibly infiltrated the military.

Instead of using the elephant to represent the GOP, I'm thinking this is more realistic....


  1. That picture describes them. So does the southbound end of a northbound skunk.

    These racists have a big problem with a black man living in the White House. They must be stopped.

  2. I agree with you 100%. You've put it together in a very nice package. But the GOP is so beholden to the far-right wing Christofacists and Tea Partiers that there is now no turning back, so we continue to look like asses to everyone else in the world.

    Peace <3

  3. You have it the nail right on the head! It is so dismaying to the rest of the world that small minority can bring the government to a halt and shut it down. And from what the republicans are saying now it sounds like this up coming debt ceiling debate could see the US default on its loans too. (as they are insisting on trying the same demands that brought the shutdown onto the debt ceiling bill too!)

    We are the laughing stock of the world!

  4. I will say that I did see a Black man running for president, but I knew he was the better man for the job.

    That said, the GOP is holding on to that anchor like a lefe vest and they have no idea that it's taking them down.