Sunday, October 27, 2013

Its been awhile

since my last post, but much has happened, and life sorta kinda got complicated.  TH has had issues with his arms/hands/upper back for a while now, and he thought it was just wear and tear and a smidgen of old age added.  After visiting a local doc in Ak, the bad news came down, he had severe issues with his spine in his neck.  A flurry of phone calls, and his appointment was set up for October 21.  Yes, after the Mongolian trip.  Yes, after the boys and I attempted to talk him into canceling.  Some might say TH is stubborn, I'd have to agree with them.

I flew down to Az on wednesday, and TH drove the car.  No he wouldnt let me ride/drive with him.  If you are wondering why re-read the sentence in blue.  He managed to get as far as Salt Lake and just couldnt drive any longer.  The pain was to intense and he couldnt sleep much at night to recoup.  Luckily his best friend since elementary school lives there.  And even more luckily his best friend's sister was up from Phoenix, and offered to drive George the rest of the way.  So best friend popped TH on a plane Saturday afternoon and George showed up on Monday night.  Being without George caused over a hundred dollars in taxi fees to the clinic and back!  But at least it saved TH from driving the rest of the way down.

After a flurry of tests Monday and Tuesday they had their game plan on what to do for TH.  A massive bone spur was pinching his spinal column and he had an over growth of one of his "windows" where the nerves branch out to the arms.  They fixed that up, but there is still a question of if he will need a second surgery, we find out on the 6th of November.  While the MRI says he has two other less troublesome spots, they dont want to operate without being able to physically pin point where the trouble is coming from.  Where the tingling, numbness or weakness is located tells the doctors where the malfunction is.

See on his MRI the really narrow bit?  Looks a bit like an hour glass, thats where they operated.  I took a picture of the monitor while awaiting for the doctor.

The insurance is being unhelpful, and he has lodged a complaint with the member service fella at the mine, he is supposed to call back Monday.  Every single credit card is maxed out, the surgery cost us $14,000!  When supposedly we are only ever supposed to pay $4,000 out of pocket.  So we shall see.

So, while he is healing and awaiting the verdict for possibly yet another surgery, at the same price point I might add, he is basically helpless.  He is not allowed to pick up anything over 5 lbs.  If the water pitcher is full he cant pick it up to pour out a glassful.  He isnt supposed to reach up or down to pick stuff up.  Added into this is he has a full raft of fairly heavy duty pain meds on board, so he's sleepy and rather queasy. 

Anything he needs, I have to fetch for him.  He can get dressed on his own, but needs to leave the door open when he takes a shower, as the heat of the water makes him dizzy, and I've had to steady him so he doesnt fall.  Getting a jar of pickles from the fridge is tough for him.  Until TH begins to feel better, I'll be MIA.

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY!!  sorry i missed your big day.   


  1. Oh my, Biki! This is an important post! I am so sorry to hear TH is in such pain and trouble. But if I am correct, you are both in AZ, so you are healthy, right? That is good so you can help him with the whole gamut of his needs!!! Nerve stuff sucks so bad because it you have to be so precise in planning surgery to make sure you "hit" the right spots.

    I'm not surprised that your insurance company is being a PITA. It seems many are now, in the wake of the AFA. God, why can't they just get with the program and INSURE THEIR CLIENTS?!?!?!?!

    I hope everything works out. Please email know I'm here for you...

    Peace <3

  2. OMG this is serious stuff. I injured my neck in an auto accident and from that experience anything pinching a nerve or the spinal cord itself is excruciating.

    I hope TH doesn't need a second surgery, and also the insurance company does what it's supposed to do and pay up.

    Thoughts and prayers everything works out fine. You can email or chat with me anytime I'm online. Don't be afraid to reach out.

  3. Hopefully this will all work out, the pain in the neck and the pain in the ass caused by insurance.

    Stay strong and positive.
    We'll be sending good thoughts your way.

  4. Oh my, sorry to hear about all of that. I hope that he dose not need a second surgery, and that the insurance company steps up to the plate and dose its job and pays!

  5. Oh man. This sounds really dire! But at least ow he is on the road to recovery. Hopefully the insurance will sort it out soon.

  6. Wow, that's a pretty rough MRI. :-/ I hope the surgery helped! It's always tough recovering afterwards, especially as we grow older. What's the verdict on a second surgery? Hopefully he doesn't need it?