Friday, October 19, 2012

Carpet Capers

Ok, the last time you heard from me I was furious about being jerked around for 4 days.  I arrived at the office primed and ready for a fight to get my deposit funds back.  Umm, this will be easier with some names, so today's office worker will be called, Jemma.  Jemma was still getting the office open when I arrived.  Jemma unlocked the door and let me in, my anger must have shown on my face, because she said, "the office manager is gone, lets see what we can do, ok?"  Pulling the anger right on out of me, I don't honestly hold a mad well or long.  She fired up the computer, and took a look at what was going on and came out with, "I dont know why Angela wont let you do the paper version of the lease, but she's not here now, and thats what I am going to do."  She pulled a file from the computer, had me tell her TH's web addy and fired off the packet.

When TH got up I had him print the lease off and fax it back before the apartment office closed.  It put a real crimp on his "morning" but he ran right off to our bank so they could fax it for him.  The lease arrived in the fax machine before the close of their day, and then it was my time to sign!  TA-DAH!  I was now the proud owner of a place to live.!!   I quickly called the movers and scheduled for my furniture to be shifted from the storage unit to the apartment the next morning.

Why was I so vested in this apartment complex?  Its in a super convenient location, right in the middle of my target area, its a great price, and felt homey when I did the original walk thru.  Alaskan's are a light deprived people, the last trip here I chose a south facing apartment, "oh!  the light just floods in here!"  Stupidly forgetting that the sun in Arizona carries one wee thing....HEAT!  And due to my lack of melanin I burn way way before I tan, so the balcony could only be used in short spurts, I do so hate getting burnt.  This balcony however, faces north!  w00t!  Meaning that anytime I wish to sit out and enjoy the day, I can without fear of burning.  There is also this wonderful turtle and koi pond right outside my balcony.  Wanna see?

Sweet yeah?


  1. I like it! I only get a nice view of another apartment building from my patio.

  2. Glad it all worked out well, and that you have such a peaceful view!

  3. I am SOOO glad that all worked out. I remember how much you liked the apartment originally. Hope the move in goes well, and you get everything unpacked and put away in short order so you can get out and enjoy the warmth!

    Peace <3

  4. I am so glad that things worked out, and that is a really nice view! Hope you really enjoy the place.

  5. A bit of anger can get your far it seems. :-P Glad that everything turned out alright.