Monday, August 27, 2012

Book Monday

Drake Braxton

This book grabbed me from the first page.  Blain and Manny are headed to Blain's 20th High School Reunion, along for the ride was the baggage of Blain's infidelity, which happened 2 years prior, but Manny just wouldn't let go of the hurt and anger.  Once they arrived at the hotel however, Manny calmed down, took a nap and woke up happy and ready to party.  Like many couples do at parties, after circulating together they wandered apart but still keeping an eye on each other.  Many times Blain would look up to see Manny looking at him, often with anger if Blain was talking to a handsome man.  At one point Blain looked up and realized it had been quite a while since he had seen Manny.  A quick scan of the reunion, no Manny.  Thinking Manny might have become tired of talking to people he didnt know, Blain headed up to their hotel room, no Manny.  At this point, Blain became frantic running around the room, asking the few people left if they had seen Manny, no.  Pulling his cell phone from his pocket, he called Manny, only to hear his ring tone.....following the sound to a potted plant by the door. 

And so begins this twisting, turning tale of infidelity, love, best friends and discovering one's true self.  This is Mr. Braxton's first novel but this is no freshman effort, it is a well polished book.  The characters all ring true, the conversation is spot on, and you experience Blain's despair at Manny's disappearance.  There are no easy answers in this book, everything that is learned is a hard won truth, earned through sweat, tears and way to much alcohol to numb the pain of reality.

Available only digitally from both Barns and Noble, and Amazon. $6.99


  1. Sounds interesting! I added it to my wish list.

    Peace <3

  2. Sounds like a really good book, wish they had it in physical copy! I really need to get an eReader

  3. That sounds very interesting. I wish I had the time to read a book right now.

  4. We just started following one another on Twitter. I'll have to Kindle this one.

  5. Just wanted to say thanks so much for reading & reviewing MISSING. So glad you enjoyed it and it made you want to leave a review.

    Just for those asking about a PRINT copy: It will be in print by next week. Seventh Window Publications brought it out as eBook 1st and print is on the way.

    It will be at as well as amazon and other places.

    Please drop me a line or review after you read!


  6. Thanks for recommending this book it was a real page turner and a great read! I defiantly hope to see more from this author!