Tuesday, June 19, 2012


In odd closets, under random items, I keep unearthing more books.  Some how these ended up in the linen closet...yeah I have no idea how that happened.  I just finished packing what I hope is the last two boxes of books. 

Our house is a disaster zone, and its driving me nutz, crazy and around the bend.  We have boxes stacked here and there, our table is covered in odd items we are unsure of if they need to be tossed or kept.  The kitchen is down to one large bowl, and the bare essentials of daily cookery.  Our pantry is nearly empty, except for the odd things one uses only now and then. 

We are dividing up our items into things we need on a daily basis, things we want to keep and are going to store, and the stuff we are donating or tossing.  Our new place is about 1/2 the square footage of our current abode.  To keep straight which is moving with us and which is going to be stored, future stored items are being packed, and the stuff that is making the move is laying around in untidy heaps and piles as I rush to empty drawers and closets. 

Friday the boys are coming over to move out all of our furniture that is going to be stored until TH retires.  At that point the cleaning can begin, joy joy joy.

The really horrible, gnarly, hate to even think about it job will be the GARAGE OF DOOM.  All winter long I was after TH to clean out the garage and start to box stuff up.  He didnt clean or pack a single item in the entire garage.  Each summer I clean it out, how on earth is is always such a muddled up mess?

I just want this move to be over, ya know?


  1. I'm doing the same thing here on my "Kitty Bereavement" leave. I cleaned the bathroom Ricky lived in during his final days and now I need to attack the dining room and kitchen.

  2. We don't have a lot of "stuff" but moving was a huge pain anyway.
    I loathe it.

  3. Oh jeez, I HATE moving! I hope to never do it again! Good luck, Biki! It's a huge job no matter what!

    Peace <3

  4. Where are you moving to again?