Monday, September 5, 2011

five on the fifth

Hello all!  Its that special time of the month again!  Yup yup!  Stephen's 5 on the 5th!  This month's theme is MESS.  Some of these are a stretch to fit the theme, but hey!  Tis me, and if anything, I'm known as a rule stretcher.  So, without further ado....

 A "mess" of tomatoes that I picked off of one of our tomato plants yesterday.  To tell ya all the truth, shocked is the best word to describe my feelings of growing such a bumper crop of tomatoes here, in Alaska without a green house! 

A "mess" of leeks.  I thought it was odd how they all lined up on the knife that way.  I'd never seen them do that, and since my phone is always in my pocket, it was quick work to snap a pic.  Of course what you're not seeing is all the pictures that have made a permanent home in the digital trash can.

A "mess" of pine cone litter on the forest floor.  I've never seen such a deep carpet of pine cone litter under a tree before this.  There must be a entire village of squirrels that live in this area. And yeah, those little tree rats are cute....when they aren't ripping the insulation outta my roof!

 I climbed over a barrier and slid down some slippery rocks to snap this pic....sigh only to find out after we were miles away that I had shook my hipstamatic and didnt notice.  Now depending on how you look at it the app has a feature that's either cool, or pain in the ass, when the iphone is shook, it changes the "lens" and the "film".  Which is all cool cool cool, unless you dont freaking notice!  So, I'm looking at my pictures, and get to this group that I worked so hard to get to, and sigh....they are all black and white!  Insert many filthy words!  Since I was unhappy with it, I decided to run them thru yet a diff app called Tiltshiftgen.  And this is what I got out of a "mess" of a picture, kinda a cool mess.

A "mess" of sap.  What caused this leakage of sap, was a grizzly biting the tree.  Ya know how a dog will pee on something to mark his territory?  Well grizzly's do it by biting a tree, as high up as they can reach.  Hey!  Would you like to see the bite?  Ok, well its not one of the 5, but a necessary extra, yeah?

This bite mark is about 8-ish feet off the ground.  That gives you some idea of just how big this bear is.  If ya look closely you'll see the tooth gouges on the trunk.  I don't know about y'all, but a bear this size sure isn't something I'm looking forward to running across out and about in the woods!

Ok, had fun?  Coolness!  Now head on over to Stephen's blog say hi, and lookie loo at all of the other nice bloggers pictures.




  1. Great pictures :) and cool blog

  2. Nice photos. I like the new bridge one on the top too.

  3. My first thought was "A mess of tomatoes!"

    Good pics.

  4. Great pics. I could use a tomato or two for the tacos I'm going to make later this week.

  5. I love your pics and the stories that comes with them!!


  6. I think the cool mess is... cool!

  7. Nice pics Biki. I like the pine cones best.