Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 on the Fifth

Stephen Chapman of the blog, The State Of The Nation UK runs the 5 on the Fifth bloggerthon each month.  
Some how, I managed to fall off of his email list again.  Thanks Daniel, for reminding me today is the 5th!

My new game passion, We Rule.  Tis a bit like Sim City, but better.  Much more free form, something I adore.

A New forest fire! If you are curious about just how much of our state is currently ablaze, clickity .  One of the buttons on the site also shows the smoke.

A New-er more improved night sky, due to the forest fires!  At least they are good for something, yeah?  But I would much rather have dull sunsets, thank you very much!

 New baby cucumbers!  Yay!  I do love growing tasty things to eat!

A fresh New hell.  Not only am I expected to wear a dress to the wedding, but now I have to wear one to the bridal shower.  So, am thinking of funking up the bridal shower dress, ya know?  But we shall see.


  1. Nice pictures. The improved night sky is very cool. You captured it well.

  2. Very nice pics, Biki. The forest fire smoke shot is scary.

  3. Thanks for the pics. Hope that fire doesn't affect you too much, I feel sorry for those caught in it one way or another.
    I used to play Sim City, so this one is better? Maybe I'll give it a try...


  4. Almost everything we try to grow outdoors gets eaten by snails and slugs.

    Even the kitchen windowsill isn't secure from those bloody slugs! And then there's the whitefly against which we have utterly no defences.

    So good luck with the little cucumbers!

    Oh and BTW - nice pics.

  5. Loved the dramatic pics of the 'forest fire' sky, especially the third one. I live in the north woods and so have some experience with forest fires as well.

  6. Nice pictures... I especially like number 3 and 4. :-)

  7. NICE PICTURES!!! I didn't get notification either...not even on Facebook...

    Peace <3