Monday, May 23, 2011

Music, music and heart strings

As a one of those rabid Apple fans, I have itunes installed and haven't bought an actual cd for years.  Now my only complaint with itunes is that their jrock music is really thin on the ground.  They also don't have a large catalog of anime music either. Y'all know I'm a huge fan of jrock (japanese rock), so when I saw that itunes was selling the newest Miyavi cd it was a very very good day indeed!  I quickly hit the buy button, and for the most part love love love the album.  There are a few of extremely slow songs that I haven't managed to make it all the way through yet.  What surprised me is how many of his songs have English words in them.  And my favorite song is only in English.  I know he loves touring in the States, so he might be trying to get a larger fan base here.  I'm hoping the next time he comes here that I can see him.
So, here is my favorite song.  I picked the video so you can make out what he's saying.  But I don't know why the poster didn't pick a more recent pic of him....shrugs shoulders.

If you are looking for something different to listen to, are past tired of the same cycle of songs that the radio plays in tight rotation, pop on over and visit my good blogger friend Lightning Baltimore. He plays stuff that never ever came close to Billboard must less the top 40. Come with an open mind, and to make things easier for you, check out his tags at the bottom of each post. He is the KING of tagging. But hey! be brave and listen to stuff outside of your comfort zone. He does love comments, even the snarky ones.  Because half of my comments are way snarky.


 This Sunday, TH and I went to a graduation of a very dear girl.  We are her honorary Uncle and Auntie.  She's gone fishing with us, loves riding on the ATV with TH, went to the movies, watched loads of cartoons, shared books, baked loads of cookies, and just generally have a wonderful time when ever we are together.  When it was her turn for the Rose Ceremony, she surprised us by giving TH and I a rose.  We were so moved that she would honor us with a rose.  However smarty pants TH, figured that we would be getting a rose from her, but it took me totally by surprise. 

If you are unfamiliar with the rose ceremony, its a way for the seniors to show their appreciation to the people that have helped shape their lives.  That helped them in some way ease their way through school.  That they love.  And TH and I kinda fill all of those blanks for her. 


  1. I do like that idea of giving a rose.

    Yeah, Pete goes mad with his iPlayer too.

  2. I'm the opposite, no fan of itunes at all. I really can't explain why, I just am. Nevertheless, cool song. Thanks for pointing it out. A bit rough, quite fresh that way I must say.

    Never heard about the rose ceremony before but the way you described it I understand you guys must feel absolutely honoured. How sweet of her!


  3. I like the song! Don't need to be snarky at all. Good stuff. Couldn't take a steady diet of it, but I like it pretty well.

    I've never heard of a Rose Ceremony. That's very touching that she thought of you like that. And isn't it great when it's a surprise? Well cool!

    Peace <3