Sunday, April 25, 2010

Knife fights and Pokemon Dreams

I was late getting home from the hair salon, where I had my hair trimmed up a bit, and colored again.  This time along with the dark auburn base, I had added bright red highlights along with a bit of gold as well.  So, I'm flying around the kitchen at double speed, I had dinner done and on the table, and was on the last stages of getting his lunch together, I hate having to hurry like that, but didn't have much  choice.  So today I wanted to pack a fruit salad to go in his lunch box for midnight.  I had the flat bread all wrapped up, the sausage was draining and cooling, the sauce was in its packets, and a pasta salad waiting to be dished up in the fridge.  I chopped up the banana, the peach, poured some frozen blueberries in the container, and began to chop up an apple (who for the rest of this story will be called E.A. for evil apple)  I had E.A. almost cut up when, still moving at lightening speed, E.A. rolled, my finger slipped and the knife went to where it was supposed to go.  Only E.A. was no were to be seen in the vicinity of the knife, only my finger.  It wasn't a happy occasion for my finger, I haven't asked the knife yet....

So, after a time at the sink running cold water over my finger T.H. (the husband) decided I needed to have it looked at.  E.A.'s evil plan for making T.H. late to work is a success!  Bwaaa Haaaa!  On the way to the emergency clinic, a thought wiggled it's way into my head.  Son #4 is off today!  Maybe he could come and wait with me and you could go home and get ready and still make it to work in time?  A call was made, he could come, and just like that, E.A.'s reign of terror is at an end!

As it turned out, I didn't need stitches, as I filleted my self, and there is nothing to stitch or glue.  I just have this lovely piece of skin that will have to die and peel off.  I'm hoping I don't loose my fingernail, as I cut it fairly deep and hard as well.

I am totally and completely addicted to Pokemon.

Hello!  My name is Biki, and I'm a Pokemon addict!  Hello Biki!

Would you like to know how bad I am?  I'm playing while I chat.... I took it when we were out and about running errands, just in "case" I might have a few minutes...  I carried it into the kitchen with me and would work on it while making supper....  Played while I ate!

I have been super busy the last 24 hours and haven't managed to play at all.  I had a backlog of things I needed to get done, so I have decided to gut out today, and get those items done and crossed off my to do list.  I did get half of the garage cleaned before E.A.'s entry into my life, but that was only two hours away from it.  T.H. says until my finger is healed, no getting it dirty, so that means I have to wait to clean the rest of it out, which means???  Yes!  You in the back!  Correct!  More Pokemon playing time!

I managed to get a ton of stuff crossed off my list today so that means tomorrow I'm going to be in Pokemonville!  See ya there!


  1. Wow . . . well I'm glad your finger's alright. I sliced my finger on a cheese grater a couple months ago, and that effectively made cooking quite difficult for a week or so.

  2. Ouch!! Fingers bleed SO much, even the smallest cut do. I bet that must have been a horrible scene... like taken from Psycho.

    I had a friend doing something similar, with a sausage. It took he quite some time to convince the hospital staff he hadn't been in knife fight... they wanted to call the police! LOL


  3. Biki

    Knives are dangerous

    take care and be safe


  4. Supr hugs. Watch out for vamps! They smell blood from far away. An I no how u feel when I spraind my thumb I culdnt play xbox for days n that was like so hard. Makes the day seem sooooo long.

  5. Hey, this is JuicyPuffin from Omegle this morning/last night! I hope your finger heals soon. I've cut myself but never that deeply, however my sister sliced the tip of her finger off one time. They either sewed it back on or left if off, I can't remember.

  6. I hope you finger heals soon! Hey at least you did not lose part of it, Dad lost the a slice of a tip of one of his fingers to New at the time ktichen toy of his while makeing algrtoen patatos!

    Your lucky TH can do blood, I know im not good with blod not even mine, unfortanitly esisialy now I tend to bleed a lot if I cut my self, even a cardbord curt on the finger. Then again plenty of warter and 4 one a day costco fishoil suplments will do that, on the big side bloodtest go by very fast lol.

  7. Biki knifes are dangerous lmao ... well did some one tell the knifes that Biki is dangerous ... lol and who would think that apples of all things are evil. I watching out for them bananas now for sure!!!!. I hope you finger is better and sorry you had one of them days. But only you could make me laugh at it . ( even though really cutting your finger isn't funny !!!) Thanks for the laughter ( kinda needed it as kidney is not laughing at me ... ) I will tell you I take a pain in the ass over a pain in the side from now on . You didn't even tell me about this when we where texting .... p.s. waiting for something something too . ) Hugssssss Lee

  8. Oh yes I did see it lmao Daniel but chose not to touch it ... sausages are just plain wicked .........

  9. Hey! I added you to MSN IM, if you don't mind.