Sunday, October 18, 2009

My belief

Let's imagine a world were everyone is born female. After producing a live baby, the female undergoes a transformation and becomes male. This is the permanent sex of the human, until the end of their life.

Continuing with our imaginary world idea, lets us also pretend that everyone is the same lovely shade of blue. Our hair is pink and our eyes are black. Dividing ourselves by color would be impossible, as we are all identical.

Going further into this society, there is no religion, only rules and laws to follow. And for the most part, the inhabitants are well behaved, and are not rule breakers. There is a certain percentage of the population that lives counter to the ideals of our alternate universe. For these few, most of the laws were written.

So, let's step back and look at our AU (alternate universe). Because everyone transitions through the same life path of mutating sex organs, there is no law that proscribes the actions of one sex over another. Females are not punished for deciding not to have a baby, and choosing to remain female their entire lives. Of course the road to maleness is only thru the filter of having been female. Who in their right mind, would want to put restrictions on either their previous sex or their future sex?

A cute little blue skinned girl, falls in love with a handsome blue skinned guy. They are so very happy together! After enjoying the marriage bed for a while, they are pleased to discover a baby is in their future. The girl swells with their baby, and in 8 months (hey, my world!) a wonderful baby is born, female of course. By the time the baby is four, mom has become dad. Now, it makes no difference to our couple, this is the normal progression of life, and they remain happily ever after.

Are you reading this thinking, oh if only I could live in such a place? Yeah, me too. Oh, except for the changing of sex organs we do. What? Wait? Our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights contains all of these rules, to treat everyone equal. It is our interpretation of them that falls well short.

The Declaration of Independence states that "all men are created equal". That one line, that very line, made a mockery of the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution. They were all ready created equal, as stated in the DoI. But greed, and the filter of religion perverted the Bill of Rights. Because of that, we are still having issues with dividing our selves by our skin color. Which has to be the silliest way to divide up. Why not by hobbies, jobs, abilities? Like in high school, remember how kids clump up by interest? The jocks, geeks, goths, marching band, rocket club, lovers of one music group, etc. No, we as humans have taken the path of least resistance and have gone with color.

Our country is based on the freedom of religion. You are allowed to worship as you like, well except for a small group of people who use poisonous snakes in their worship rites. The first amendment guarantees us the freedom of religion. If we are allowed as a people to worship as we will, or not, why is our rule of law filtered thru the lens of only one religion? Shouldn't our laws be based on what is right and fair?

We have a wonderful framework of documents, that if adhered to, negate many of our laws. As we have seen with the fifteenth amendment. If you take the DoI literally we are given the right to pursue happiness, and at the same time, the Bill of Rights ninth amendment, gives us protection of rights not specifically enumerated in the BoR.

So, where am i going with all of this? Two of our most valued documents, the BoR and the DoI have given us rights, that the law makers have taken away. If only I had a coffer large enough, I would take the government to court. What rights do I feel have been perverted by laws written that counteract these two documents? Gay rights. The pursuit of happiness. Isn't the ability to marry, serve in the military as openly gay, and adopt children, be considered under the pursuit of happiness? And that the ninth amendment backs up that right?

Why is christianity so against gay rights? What do they fear? Is their main fear that if LGBTQ are given the rights our precious documents have given us, that it will somehow dilute their hold on our hearts and minds? I would think it could increase their hold on us. Why? Because now, with their hatred spewing from the pulpits, they are chasing LGBTQ from the pews, and following them, are people like myself. People who are straight (I hate this term! Does that make LGBTQ bent?) are leaving to distance themselves from the hate speech, and the bigotry.

And in this also, they are perverting the very document they too hold dear, the Bible. Judge not least ye be judged, love thy neighbor as thyself, you shall not murder (kill). Oh, the last one you are wondering about, yes? By inciting violence against LGBTQ, that all to often leads to death, they are breaking one of the 10 commandments.

Every time a teen takes their own life, because of fear or self hatred of their sexuality, due to our perverted laws and religion, our government and religions that preach hate, should go on trial for murder. And be publicly shamed for their part in the loss of a precious human life. Because as many of us as there is, each and everyone of us is precious, irreplaceable, important, and should be able to live a life free of hate, free of fear, just plain damned free.


  1. Bravo! Well said. Funny that the congress has the right to not only persue happiness they can vote it into being. In the middle of the night, no questions asked. Granted you get what you pay for and they really needed a raise but shouldn't that come from the people? In the same vein, I think we should vote ourselves a tax reduction. It's almost the middle of the night, why not? Hey, that could give me back my right to persue happiness. Hey I'm feeling giggly all over. It must be working. And remember, it is against the law ti evade taxes, but not to ignore them!

  2. Excellent post!

    I've been told by various bigots, though, that:

    The Equal Protection Under the Law specified in the 14th Amendment does not apply to homosexuals.

    Denying gays the right to legally marry does not negatively affect their happiness.

    Denying gays the right to marry is not discriminatory. They have the right to get married, just not to each other.

    Marriage is a man and a woman. Marriage is not two men or two women. Therefore, there is no such thing as same-sex marriage; therefore, gays can't being denied that which cannot exist.

    Yeah. Wrap your head around that last one for a bit.

    The 1st Amendment only ensures freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. Therefore, it is proper to base our laws on The Bible as we are a Christian nation, founded by Christians for Christians.

  3. Hi at least 2 people mentioned your blog in their posts and one of them even said to check you out so here I am

    I haven't read this entire post yet but I must say that is an interesting story you wrote.

    Only thing I would change is let women have children and still be women but that is just me.