Monday, September 19, 2016

T-10 days

We got the rv buttoned up and it's ready for its long winter sleep, and are now in a residential hotel.  Living in the RV was very enjoyable even with the teeny living space.  Now that I have access to fast internet, here's the long awaited pictures of our wee trailer.  I adored living in it, and if it wasn't for having 3 storage units filled with furniture, books, pictures, dishes and mementos that we can't bear to part with we'd be happy to live in one full time.  I never really understood the allure before, but I sure do now.  Living as a turtle does, carrying one's house along on life's journey is a wonderful thing indeed.

We fly out of here for Hawaii on the 29th, for 2 days in the sun. Then on October 1st, we zoom into the unknown world of tackling a foreign country, one where we don't speak the language!  We have a phrase book on my phone, and have a few well practiced phrases.  Please, thank you, yes, so sorry, hello, good day and good bye.  We can order brown tea, " chiro ocha kudasai", so if I do indeed get brave enough to eat out we have my allergy cards printed out and ready to go.  While traveling on trains and subways holds no fears for me, the buses scare me to pieces.  When we were their before I would just write the kanji for the street or town on my hand and used that to navigate, but buses seem trickier one must know the bus route and when to transfer....sigh   But hopefully we will quickly get that sorted as we need to ride a bus from our house into Kyoto.  Luckily the Japanese are very organized with their mass transit and the buses, trains and subways all share the same station, so moving between transit modes is easy.

  There seems to be so much to do between now and then, and yet not much left to do.  As the days creep closer to T-day, [travel day] I'm beginning to feel a mite anxious and worried about the entire trip.

After spending hours trying out blog names for our travel blog, all the "good" ones were taken.  But then just as I was getting tired of that game an idea popped into my head and it wasn't taken!  w00t!

Here is our new blog addy, it is still blank at this time, I need to sit down and write the first post.

Ok, and now we come to the tricky part of my post.  I'd love for y'all to travel Japan with us, and would love hearing your comments, however....  Anyone who reads my blog knows I'm closeted and don't see that changing anytime soon.  We are giving the blog addy to the kids and that's where my worry begins.  If they follow the commenters back they will find out who I am, and truly am not wanting to deal with that.  I'll leave anonymous commenting available, and thats really the only way I can see how to keep my secret identity safe and allow my friends here to comment.


  1. what a cute RV!

    courage, biki; a new adventure is always a bit scary at first. but I look forward to reading about your life in japan! konichiwa!

  2. OMG the big adventure almost begins! It sounds scary, but at the same time it sounds very exciting. Perhaps I need to take one of these someday?

  3. I look forward to the stories of your travels.
    In a previous life, I lived in Japan so, yeah, it'll be nice to see it "again."