Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Where is Sherlock Holmes when we need him?

Two days ago, we took a late night run into town to rent some videos and pick up a few odds and ends at the grocery.  Have you seen "Bridge of Spies"?  If not, I highly recommend it.

TH plucked the keys to the RV trailer from my hand and opened the door, letting me in, and then going back to the truck to carry in the odds and ends.  We had a snack and and settled down to watch video.  Next morning we get up, eat breakfast, take our showers and are ready to start the day of appointments and work on Sister's home.
EXCEPT for the fact the keys to the truck AND the rv are missing.  Our rv is all of 27 feet long with one pop out, not a lot of space to loose two sets of keys!  Feeling confident that we will have them soon, we start to look, and as the time passes we become more frantic, tearing thru our belongings and looking in the most obscure and silly places.  Like where?  Try the microwave....the freezer, and the washer. 

Then we began to become more methodical and went room by room, going thru every nook, every cranny every box, bin and drawer.  Youngest came over, and helped looked.  We tore the truck apart looking. 

Those keys have yet to turn up!  And we have zero idea where they disappeared to.  The truck had to be towed to the dealer to get re-keyed, and luckily we had copies of the rv keys. 

But still the mystery is where those keys got off to!


  1. I've found missing keys in two different places. The last pair of shorts or jeans that had pockets in them, and in the last handbag or backpack I've used. I have an organizer with hook that I usually hang them from, but I'll admit to not using it all of the time.

    I hope you find them soon.

  2. elementary, my dear watson! the keys have joined all the lost socks. did you check the sister's place, or any boxes you may have packed there?

  3. I once went into work and upon leaving couldn't find my car keys anywhere.
    I went out to the parking lot and peered through the passenger window, knowing they were in the ignition; they weren't.
    I had a co-worker drive me home to get my spare key and then drive me back.
    When i went to unlock the driver's door, my keys were dangling from the lock; they had been there, hanging off the side of my car ALL DAY.
    Oy. I was lucky.
    Hope you find yours soon and easily.