Sunday, August 3, 2014

Food Dreams

Dealing with multiple food allergies makes cooking tricky.  Very few recipes are available for me that doesnt  require some sort of change-o-matic magic.  I've noticed a common thread in reading across the many allergy food blogs:
1. most of the allergy food blogs are written by moms for their children, totally ignoring adult suffers
2. they rarely cross more than one or two allergies
3. a lot of really bad recipes are out there.

Making gluten free bread is tricky at best, leave out the incredible amazing egg, and it gets tougher.  I've made loaves of bread that were yummy while still warm, only to cut a piece the next day to find it had turned to bread shaped flavorless sawdust slices.  No, I have no idea why, only that it occurs.  I have made buns from my own recipe that were stable on the counter for days, but I cant get loaves to rise without falling.  Its an either or area for me, i'm currently stuck, buns that taste good, or high rising loaves that go to crap soon after baking.

What I'd like to do is to start up an allergy food blog, that would work with most food allergies.  With built in substitutions for different allergy suffers, so people can mix and match ingredients according to their food limitations.  In many ways, I do tend to look at things from a different angle from most, and this is true of food as well.  Is my ego getting the better of me?  Or could I make a difference in someone's pleasure at what is on their dinner plate?

So, we get down to the nitty gritty of things, where I'd really appreciate feedback.  

Do you feel I have something to contribute to allergy cooking?

If I do this what should my persona be?  Do I mention the fact im third gender gay guy?  Like Bob says, "we need visibility, not invisibility".  Or would that lessen the pool of readers due to bigotry?  Do I tie it to my current blog, or strike out under a new alias?

Finding a catchy name, that hasnt been snapped up, that brands who I'm cooking for.

And finally, I'd like some recipe testers.  Any gluten free ingredients would be mailed to you, the only things you'd need to provide are things that are considered kitchen staples.  Also any specific food item that I can't mail, but the recipe requires, but I dont think you'd buy, or use normally, I could supply funds for them.  I need to know that my recipes work out of my kitchen. 


  1. Given that this is a personal issue to you, and to others with allergies, etc, and you know what you need to cook, and how to cook it, it would be a great fit.
    Like you said, there's nothing out there like it so .... g'on, do it!

  2. As tough as they may be to find, you can't be alone out there. I think you've got a great idea. I don't know that I'd tie it to this blog, and at the same time, I dunno about revealing too much that isn't particularly pertinent to the blog itself. On the other hand, why not? Be out! I need to cook more, I'd try stuff out, just make sure you provide sources for the ingredients! Allergic or not, when you tend to cook carefully, you eat more healthy food in general, and my doctor would love me to cut out wheat/gluten in general!

    Catchy names? Hmmmmmm....good luck! (I said NO GLUTEN, not GLUTTONY!)

    Peace <3