Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Trip to Seward in Pictures

Two years ago, TH and I went to Seward to celebrate our Anniversary, we had such a great time we decided a repeat was in order.

We woke up to a cloudy Eeyore sorta day, but hey! it's fishing and that makes it a-ok!  I checked the weather for the day, 52F (11C)  and I realized those sorta temps called for massive clothes wearing.  This is what it took to keep me warm out on the chilly ocean: undershirt, thermal shirt, hoodie, pants, socks, scarf, hat, snowpants, and both pieces of my parka and mittens.  I wore shoes instead of my Lobben boots, as they are not made for wet conditions.

Our party of 6 got into the boat around 6:45 am, way way to early to be out and about, but for some unknown reason that seems to be the golden time for all fishing charters to get underway.  The harbor looked rather spooky to me, and I always forget just how bloody big cruise ships are.

Captain John gave us a quick safety lecture and off we went! 

We passed a ghost forest left by the massive '64 Earthquake.
And finally we stopped and began fishing.  I have no earthly idea where we were exactly, but if you clicky on the map it does embiggen.  ( I just checked and the map doesnt embiggen well, so head on over to this addy if you wanna see a closer view of the map.)  I do know that we were way out past Bear Glacier because we fished in that area later in the day.  Wee pieces of ice were floating about in the water, along with jellyfish, seaweed and many nursery schools of salmon.
As the fishing slowed down, Captain John headed out for new fishing pastures.   The weather worsened and it began to rain/drizzle and a heavier fog set in.  Out of the fog materialized people standing on the water!  Captain John snapped his head up to check the marine GPS to check the depth, we were in 140 ft of water.  What on Earth?  Turns out they were on Paddle boats, it sure gave all of us a momentary fright.  A few of this group in kayaks, hardy souls aren't they to be out in that weather?

The limit was a total of 6 silver salmon, 3 out from the ocean and 3 from the bay.  I caught 3, and let me tell you they were quite recalcitrant and point blank refused to get into our nice dry boat!  But I finally won them over with my sparkling personality and they came on board.  As the weather worsened from drizzle to outright rain, I gave up fishing and retreated to the cabin.  It was dry and windless, but not warm as it doesnt have a heater, yeah I have no idea whats up with that.  Funnily enough I never did see a steward either with cups of hot liquids..........  Note to self, bring hot chocolate in thermos for our next fishing adventure.

Pictured is Captain John with the boat's take of silvers.

Our 9 silvers filleted and ready to be packaged.

There is so much to do and see around Seward and we never seem to make the time to do much more than fish.  If TH could take one day extra off on his long weekends (work 3 days-has 4 off, then works 4- 3 off.) We would have 3 full wonderful days to explore and relax without being quite so hurried.  Driving time to Seward is around 8 hours, depending upon construction delays, and yeah there is always construction on the roads. 


  1. Those are awesome pictures! I'm glad you had a great time this weekend.

  2. I can tell in your writing and your pics how much fun you had! That's AWESOME! So glad it was a great day for y'all!

    Peace <3

  3. Fishing? Not so much.
    But I love the photos. And I remembered that my mother's parent's were in Anchorage during the 64 quake. Boy, the stories they told!!

  4. Awesome pics! Looked like a great time. :-P