Monday, May 27, 2013

Book Plates of Gratitude

The library I volunteer at is very appreciative of their volunteers, making this library a wonderful place to "work".   Whilst I was gone getting the youngest all married up, they had a nice luncheon for all the volunteers.  The luncheon is held before the majority of the snow birds fly off back home,  few of the volunteers live here full time.

One other way they show their appreciation is the book plate program.  A book plate is printed up with our name, recognizing us for our volunteerism.  Nice yeah? 

After some thought which LGBT themed book I wanted to adhere my book plate to, I decided on Richard Plant's "The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War Against Homosexuals".  The only trick is that they dont own the book, so I asked if they ever purchase books for the volunteers.  It turns out they do, if the book is available to purchase new and isn't X-rated.

Off to the coordinator for the volunteers to ask if they would look into purchasing this book for me.  Explaining that I am a huge history buff, and one of my studies of interest is how Nazi Germany wrestled control of the country away from the rank and file German, and the sad outcome.  And that I hate that history has been white washed of the pink of LGBT and that this is an important book.  I received an odd look from her, but let her draw her own conclusions I don't really care if she thinks I'm a lesbian.

Yippee!!  The book came in last week, and is now living on the shelf!  My only issue is that they housed it in the gay section, not the history section which is where I wished for it to live.  They dont house the Jewish holocaust books in the Jewish religion section, nor do they house any other memoirs of the Nazi persecution in a separate section.  So that is a bit of a let down.  But still they bought it, and I'm happy that one more bit of our history is on the shelf for all to read, especially the LGBT teens.

If you know of a great LGBT book put it in the comments.  If the library doesn't own it, I'll suggest the book(s).


  1. Here's one out of the box. Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher. Go on Amazon and read the blurb for it first.

    Click here to see it.

  2. That is very cool. Now I want to come to your library to check it out so I can see your plate. Isn't that awesome that they even buy books!!!
    Congratulations, you are immortalized!
    Peace <3

  3. I loved "Like People In History" by Felice Picano, and "Wisecracker: The Story of Hollywood's First Openly Gay Star: William Haines"

    Both good/