Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where's Biki?

Its been a fucking horrid 23 days. 

TH's racist nazi father came to stay for the longest 16 days of our lives.  This man abused his sons and claimed it made "men" out of them.  This monster wrapped 6 year old TH into a blanket so tight he couldnt move his arms or legs and then would sit on his chest until he passed out.  Another favorite trick was to hold his shirt front and slap his face until he cried, then beat him for being a sissy.....This continued until TH was around 14 or so, and was then bigger than his father, the last time his father hit him TH grabbed his arm and told him, "you hit me again, and you're dead old man."  TH has a beast living within him, placed there by his sperm donor, and when he is enraged you see pure animal blood lust.  Even as clueless and stupid as his sperm donor is, he saw it, and backed down, like any true bully, and he HATES that his 14 year old son caused him to turn tail.

If you are wondering where TH's mom was during the abuse?  She was yelling at sperm donor that if he laid a hand on her, she was out of there......................yeah

So, what was this waste of air doing in our house?  TH's mom has passed and donor is not able to care for himself, and TH's eldest brother is taking care of him, doling out his meds and paying his bills.  Nazi donor was up to visit Alaska and to fish, and more importantly giving eldest brother a much needed vacation.  As he bounced from one family member to another, the summer ticked away.  We were supposed to only have him for a total of 4 days, but it ballooned to most of August and the first bit of September. 

As you can well guess the tension became tighter and tighter within TH.  Things finally came to a head and there was finally a moment that TH allowed his anger to spew out at his sperm donor, and yelling began. 
"I made a man out of you!"
"No! You taught me to hate you."
"Well, at least thats out in the open now.  I've always hated you too."

He left 3 days later.  But the damage was done, and TH was/is overwhelmed and very unhappy.  Kids from abusive homes always wait for an apology, and rarely if ever get one.  The odd thing is that the last time I spoke to my female parent, our script was more or less identical to TH's.  Except I was saved from being a sniveling sissy by her abuse.

All of the stress, the having to deal on a day to day basis with someone I no holds bar hate due to his treatment of the child TH, took a toll on my health, which hasnt recovered.

This weekend we get a call from our youngest, "Mom, I have a big favor to ask you. Could you watch my girl friends sister's daughters for awhile?"  Which I found odd to say the least, I havent ever seen the youngest one, they are 4 and 7, the cutest two wee girls.  "Ok, sure why?"  "Their dad died this morning in a car accident on the way home from work.................  He fell asleep at the wheel, crossed into oncoming traffic, wasnt wearing his seat belt and died." 

I hope October is a much better month


  1. Oh my God, that is so awful. I hope this month and next is kinder to you.

  2. We make people take tests to drive cars and get jobs but let anyone father, or mother, a child.

    Hopefully this will the last you see of him. He is no father at all.

  3. That is so awful, I really hope that this month is a much better one. I really hop you never have to deal with that sad excuse for a man again!