Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So, I was in Arizona for two weeks accompanying eldest son, Dil (daughter in law) and the grand.  We were there for medical treatment for Dil, as our doctors in Alaska for anything out of the slightest realm of normal are nearly worthless.  Now, I've had a rocky relationship with her to be sure, and a great amount of that rockiness is caused by her crazy as fuck family.

I've never come across a family dynamic like Dil has.  She only has sisters, and they fight all the time, and gang up on each other.  Yeah.  And to add a moist turkey to boiling oil, her mother choses sides, pits one daughter against the others, and keeps the battles going as long as possible.  Lovely, huh?

Well, things went bad rather quickly between Dil and myself, and my son was caught in the middle of the whole thing.  He could have made things better, had he tried, but he isn't good with confrontation any more than I am.

But into this maelstrom of unhappiness were two wonderful guys.

New Leaf and I have been email buddies for quite a long while, and when I knew that I was Arizona bound, I wrote and asked if he would like to meet for a drink.  In my world of easily getting lost, that meant that either Eldest son dropped me off or NL (new leaf) came to pick me up, which is what he did.  I suppose it would have been a bit smarter to have sent a pic so we knew what each other looked like, but hey! That would make life to easy and way boring, yeah?  So, there we were wandering around the parking lot of the condo.  Luckily there was only one other person, and he headed for a condo, so that was easy, but being me I had to ask.
Yeah, we are both that smooth.  Aren't you jealous now?

Have you ever met someone that you had an instant rapport with?  Thats what it was like with NL.  We met for the first time on Saturday, and sat and talked and talked.  We managed to meet up three times while i was there.  And he did really went out of his way to take me to the airport when I left early, due to my being unable to deal with Dil and her craziness any longer.

NL asked me what pronouns I'm happiest with, and that is what he used making me happier than you can believe.  The only funny thing was that even though he did acknowledge my maleness with the proper pronouns, he still kept holding the door of restaurants open for me.  His mom raised a very polite son.

If you ever want to scout around a deserted Walmart at 3am, NL is your guy!  Without a doubt he is fun to hang out with.  The hours would just evaporate in the blink of an eye when we were together talking about absolutely every thing under the sun.  He really is a very wonderful person, someone that I hope to call a friend for many years.

The weekend that fell in the middle of our trip I flew to spend 24 hours with Mr. Hci and his husband.  Now we had shared pictures of each other ages ago, so I knew what he looked like....but not his car!  But some texting and a really fun sign in the front window of his car cleared things right up!

It was super to sit and talk and talk and not be interrupted by silly stuff like internet issues, chat programs being silly, or a huge time zone difference.  It was nice to finally met his husband, who is just as sweet as  Mr. Hci is.

There was one really funny point soon after I arrived, I'm not sure if Mr. Hci forgot to mention to hubby that I'm transgender or if hubby forgot.  But when a male pronoun was used in reference to me, it received a "huh?"  Only to have it repeated to him again a bit more forcefully, and no, not by me but by Mr. Hci.

I ran around out in the yard helping work on the built in sprinkler system the next afternoon, and yeah I throughly enjoyed doing that!  I mean really, whats not to like?  With good friends, outside, beautiful afternoon, and running from sprinkler head to sprinkler head, hollering questions and orders to each other.  Life is good.

Finally meeting two bloggers that I've been either chatting or emailing for over a year now was perfectly wonderful.  Being with two people who knew the real me, that I could just be me with was like a drink to a man dying of thirst.  There isn't anyone in my "real life" that I can be that open with about being transgender.  I'm out to a few people, but one lives in Utah, and the other one lives in Kenai, so its not like I see them that often, and they are rather new at this whole GLBT world.

Life is good on blogger, and I hope this year to visit with a few more blogger friends.


  1. OMG! Just imagine if we ever had a convention!

  2. Definitely jealous! I'm glad to hear you had a great stay, despite everything.


  3. I remember the chats during your trip. It's nice to know that your trip was balanced out (hopefully) by NL and Mr. Hci. I'm sure it made a tough situation a lot easier. And yes, it is nice to be out and have convos that don't involve time zones and chat programs! HAHAHAHA

    Merry Christmas if I don't catch you online!

    Peace <3

  4. Glad you had a great time. :-) It's nice to meet up in person with someone you've been chatting a for a while.

  5. I've met Mr. Hci and he's a decent fellow, but I think he always writes it in all caps: HCI. Haven't met NewLeaf in person, but he seems like a super nice guy based on his blog.

    Anyhow, sounds like an awful trip, with moments of much needed, and fun, relief. Yea for that, at least!

  6. Hey Biki, sorry I'm never a comment-er these days, but I did want to wish you a happy holiday and *hugs*

  7. Wow - I didn't even realize I was holding the door. You should have slapped me.

    Glad you came down for a visit - I had an awesome time too. Hurry back!!!


  8. A true gentleman holds the door for everyone, NewLeaf, regardless of gender. That's what I've done since my teens.